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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

When does an animal, birds, insect or rodent become a pest in and around Thames Ditton?

Animals, birds, insects and rodents are all around us, all of the time. Forming an important part of the local ecology and environment, we often live side-by-side, aware of each other’s existence but unperturbed.

And then, this balance changes but why do these creatures and beasts become an issue? When do they go from being a natural and welcome part of nature, to an unwelcome and unwanted pest?

I’m Gary Coates and, as part of West London Pest Control, I work in Thames Ditton and surrounding areas on a regular basis. Offering a prompt and immediate response to your pleas for help with pests, I understand the factors that push a creature into being a pest…

  • Weather – the climate is important to animals and so on. When the weather favours them, they breed frantically. When the weather is poor or against them, they will often be uprooted from their natural habitat to seek shelter in ours.
  • Our habits – the changes in recent years, for example, to recycling is excellent for the environment but, it also places a ready meal right in front of the noses of many opportunistic pests. The compost bin in the garden is the equivalent of a supermarket for rats.
  • Building works and developments – there are times when our building expansions also push the out of their environment, forcing them to find new homes. Likewise, some creatures can become confused, and thus end up seeking shelter in our homes and business within KT7.
  • Travel – we also travel much more these days, and so do the products that we buy. It is commonly believed, for example, that the brown rat was introduced in to Britain centuries ago on the ships that docked in all the major ports around the country. Bedbugs is the modern-day pest that is seeing a resurgence in numbers as they are attaching themselves to clothing, bags and so on, hence they are finding their way in to our homes.

Can West London Pest Control help?

Yes I can and here’s why:

  • Knowledge – not all pests react in the same way to certain methods and treatments, thus it pays to identify the pest and then create a plan of action to deal with it quickly and effectively. I hold the certificate in ‘Pest Control & Management’ from the Royal Society of Public Health. This award is a comprehensive one, and sets the professional standard for all pest control technicians.
  • Modern methods – however, just like us, pests change. They develop immunity to some kinds of chemicals and active ingredients. But, our way of treating and dealing with pests also improves and changes over time. As a member of two trade organisations – Basis PROMPT and the National Pest Technician Association – I have access to training, as well as the findings and conclusions from the latest research projects.
  • Experienced – I have been a professional pest controller for some time, a profession I entered after serving in the military. My work has been featured on the BBC documentary series “Oxford Street”, an all-year round task to keep this busy stretch of street free from vermin and pests.

If you have a pest issue at your Thames Ditton home or business, call me for a quick, prompt and professional response.