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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

What happens when you call me to deal with a pest issue at your home or business in Worcester Park?

I’m Gary Coates and, as part of West London Pest Control, I help home and business owners be pest-free as soon as possible. But, no one is happy is share their property or outdoor space with a pest and yet, there can sometimes be a reluctance to call in a professional pest control technician.

Some people think that to be infested or inundated with pests is a sign of unhygienic, dirty conditions but, like us, pests like their homes to be safe from weather and predators, clean and dry with a ready food supply close by. Hence, our homes and premises in and around KT4 are simple perfect.

When you call me to deal with a pest issue, I respond quickly but, it is not about laying traps or spraying chemicals. There are certain steps that need to be taken first:

Step 1: Identification

The first and foremost step is to accurately identify the pest in question. Some pests can be similar in habits and traits, and even the same types of pests will have different species that need different treatment.

Rats and mice, for example, leave similar signs from droppings to the damage of gnawing and so on. Treatments are similar but, the overall issue they present can be much more of a problem.

Step 2: Source

By the time some pest infestations have been noted because they are visible, it may mean that the source of the infestation or issue is deep-rooted. Finding how and why pests are gaining access to homes and business premises in Worcester Park is imperative to dealing with the issue properly.

Step 3: Scale

Understanding the scale of the issue is important in deciding the best course of treatment and actions. In some cases, for example, a pest issue at a property in KT4 may need one treatment and that will deal with the issue.

Depending on not only the pest in question, but the scale of the issue will determine how many visits and treatment may be required to successfully eradicate and control the pest.

Step 4: Options

Now that I know what I am dealing with, I can discuss the options for safe and humane treatment of the best, as well as cost. With West London Pest Control, our work is fully insured and guaranteed too so there is no way you can lose out.

By why choose West London Pest Control?

The answer is simple:

I hold various additional qualifications in addition to the ‘Pest Control & Management’ certification awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health. As a professional pest controller, I am a member of Basis PROMPT, an organisation that promotes high standards of training and practice within the industry, as well as the National Pest Technician Association. This latter organisation is involved in research and studies, as well as ensuring professional technicians are up to date on changes in laws and practice methods.

My work has featured on the BBC documentary series, “Oxford Street” too, helping to keep this busy stretch of street vermin and pest free.

If you think you have a pest problem, call me for a prompt response to your Worcester Park home or business.