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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

What happens when you call West London Pest Control to deal with a pest infestation in Chertsey?

I’m Gary Coates and I work with both domestic and business customers to be pest-free from all kinds of pests and infestations, in all kinds of places and situations.

Regardless of where the pest is, from the inside of a building, the attic space, the garden, park, car parks or a business premises, I have the skills, ability and experienced to deal with it.

Dealing with a pest problem requires a systematic and methodical approach, something that my 20 years of military experience has taught me.

Step 1 – Onsite assessment

It is important to understand what the pest is, and to identify it. This is possibly the most important step in the process. Holding the ‘Pest Control & Management’ award from the Royal Society of Public Health means I can identify and eradicate all pests common to the UK.

Every pest has a life cycle, as well as certain habits or traits. Understanding these life cycles and how to break them, as well as going to the source of the infestation is the most effective and quickest way to be rid of any pest. Thus, this first step is the way in which the best solutions and treatments can be identified.

As part of this assessment, you are also provided with a comprehensive quotation so that you know exactly how much it will cost, as well as how long it will take and what is involved.

Step 2 – The solution

I only use humane methods when it comes to pest control solutions, and only those that are safe for use in and around the home, business premises, public spaces and so on. In fact, it is a criminal offence to cause any bird or animal unnecessary suffering, even if it is a pest and you had no intention of causing it distress. This is why calling in a professional pest control is the safest move all round.

Practicing safely is important; I can identify hazards and risks as I am trained in health & safety practice, and I also hold a variety of additional qualifications and have attended any specialist courses.

These training opportunities are offered through two trade bodies, both of which I am a member. The National Pest Technicians Association promotes high standards within the industry and Basis PROMPT offer all kinds of training opportunities.

All my work is fully insured, with a no quibble guarantee, West London Pest Control is well placed to deal with all pest control issues in and around the KT16 postcode.

Step 3 – Prevention

However, all this good work can be wasted if the opportunity and access for pests are still available. Thus, I not only offer advice on prevention, but I can also complete a range of prevention controls that may be needed.

Do you have a pest problem? No matter what it is, I have the solution to your problem. Working on a regular basis in Chertsey and Ottershaw, I can be depended on to respond in a timely manner to your request for help.