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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

Bugs and pests in Byfleet?

We share the world with all kinds of insects, animals, rodents and birds; without them, the natural world would be a very different place. They are around us all the time, and this is not always a problem.  For example, ants are in the garden and under our feet, rats live in undergrowth and sewers, birds fly all around us and so on.

But, when they begin to impinge on our lives – and in the case of a business, our livelihoods – and move in to our space, then this is a different matter and not one that can be tolerated.

The ants that you see in the garden that are now in the kitchen, marching across the worktop in an orderly fashion. The rats that are now in the cellar, gnawing everything in sight, are a dangerous pest spreading bacteria over everything that we touch. The birds, diving bombing to protect the nest on your roof, are a pest.

The time had come to call a professional pest controller, with local knowledge of Byfleet and all areas within KT14, as well as how to deal with all pests. And that person is me, Gary Coates of West London Pest Control.

Professional pest control in Byfleet

There are many facets to a professional pest control service:

  • The process starts with the correct identification of the pest, as well as the scale of the infestation. Both of these factors play an important role in the type and style of solution that can be used
  • The possible options for eradication or control will be fully discussed with you BEFORE I tackle the problem
  • Treatment then takes place at a time that is convenient for you; in some cases, this can be a one-off treatment or may require additional treatment but all my work is guaranteed – I will deal with the pest!
  • As part of a comprehensive service to both domestic and commercial customers within KT14, I offer prevention advice too
  • All my work is insured and I only use humane methods of pest control

Get the best service – call me

Working on a frequent basis in and around Byfleet, I understand the importance of effective pest control for all customers. Confidence and trust in both ability and skill is measured not just by performance, but by qualifications…

  • I hold the comprehensive Level 2 award in ‘Pest Control & Management’ from the Royal Society of Public Health
  • I am qualified in specialist methods of dealing with certain pests as a result of being an active member of Basis PROMPT. This organisation maintains not only professional standards in terms of pest control training, but in conduct too
  • I am also a member of the National Pest Technicians Association, an active organisation that continually carries out research and studies in how pest to deal with modern pest control issues
  • My work has been featured on the BBC documentary series, “Oxford Street”; keeping this stretch of street free from pests and vermin is an ongoing and long term assignment.

With many years’ service in the military too, I understand the need to deal with a problem quickly, after having fully assessed the problem at hand.

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