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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

Do you have a pest control problem or infestation in Weybridge that needs dealing with?

If so, call me Gary Coates at West London Pest Control. With my many years of experience, qualifications and skills, I can successfully control or eradicate any pest, in any situation in Weybridge and Brooklands.

Pest behaviours

A pest is an animal, bird, rodent or insect that is too close for comfort. From roosting pigeons, to wasps or bee nests, every pest has a set of behaviours and lifecycles that need to be recognised – and the cycle broken – in order to get rid of them.

In many cases, there are certain things that need to happen in order to break the life cycle. The application of heat, for example, as part of the cleaning process can destroy eggs and so on but, in other cases, ‘cleaning’ can actually spread the infestation.

Most pests are cunning and vociferous in their habits, from the squirrel that gnaws through cabling or a rat shredding fibres for nesting material, there are times when pest control needs to be hard-hitting and effective, fast.

However, not all ‘pests’ need eradicating completely, but their numbers or location controlled. Some can be relocated, like the honey bee and others need controlling, such as the urban fox. Making our environment less attractive and less available to pests are two solutions that I look at as part of a pest control assignment.

Living with a pest is not only an unwelcome thought but, it can be dangerous to our health and well-being. Studies have also shown that we are far less tolerant of pests and so, if you have a problem and need advice as well as treatment, then I am the professional to call.

Working in the areas surrounding KT13, there is no pest that cannot be dealt with and no situation that is too difficult.

Experience and qualification

  • Holding a Level 2 award in ‘Pest Control & Management’ I can confidently deal with any pest, as well as the safe use and transportation of insecticides and pesticides
  • I have also attended a variety of courses making me a specialist in dealing with some pests, such as rodents, bird proofing and so on. As a member of Basis PROMPT, I have access to an ongoing number of all kinds of specialist courses
  • As a member of the National Pest Technicians Association, I can also aware of the latest research and studies relating to pests and their control
  • My work has also been showcased as part of the BBC documentary series, “Oxford Street”; as one of the busiest streets in Europe, this one and a half mile stretch of street needs to be clean and free from pests
  • With 20 years’ service in the military, I bring many skills and personal attributes to me work as a pest control, including reliability, promptness and professionalism
  • I also have many years’ experience in pest control across Weybridge and Brookland and thus can offer a quick response to calls for help

Don’t let a pest problem take a hold in your home or business. If you think you have a problem – maybe you have tried to deal with it yourself –the time is right to call me. Offering free on site assessment, you will know what the problem is and how it can be solved, quickly and with minimum fuss.