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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

Plagued by pests in Kingston Upon Thames?

Pests can invade our space at any time of day, night or at any point in the year. Some people think that pests are only common in the heat of summer, or that some pests will only seek sanctuary in our homes and business during the colder winter months.

However, pests can arrive unannounced at any time…

  • The weather – weather patterns can be a big influence on when and what invades our homes, businesses, garden, outbuildings and so on. For example, periods of prolonged rain, resulting in flooding can push many pests from their natural habitat, forcing them to seek shelter elsewhere.
  • Their population – what can also push a pest from its natural habitat is when their numbers become too much for their natural surroundings. As a result, pests will leave their nesting sites to seek shelter in far less crowded places. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be our properties and so on in and around Kingston, Kingston Upon Thames, Norbiton and Hampton Wick!
  • Our habits – there are times too, when our habits make our territory far more attractive to certain pests. The increase in recycling, including compost bins in gardens is perfect for so many scavenging and opportunist pests. The increase in keeping chickens in urban areas can also make some garden more attractive to ground-dwelling pests. However, this doesn’t mean that these things should not happen, more than how we do them may need altering slightly.
  • The built environment – pests can sometimes be dislodged from their natural habitat by the built environment too. As a result, they look for new places to live which can sometimes mean then want to share our homes and so on.
  • Increased travel – the fact that we move around a lot more too also means that some pests are able to gain access to the interior of buildings and so, by hitching a ride on us, our clothes, bags and so on. The increase of some bug infestations has also been linked to the trend for buying second-hand or upcycled furniture. Some pests can remain dormant for a long time, re-awakening when the conditions are right for them.

The best solution is the professional solution

I’m Gary Coates and, as part of West London Pest Control, I can offer effective pest control solutions to domestic and commercial customers in the post code areas of KT1 and KT2.

As a qualified pest controller, holding the ‘Pest Control & Management’ award from the Royal Society of Public Health, I am able to deal with all pests common in the UK. But, many customers have concerns about safety and this is important in every aspect of pest control.

Many years of experience is combined with specialist knowledge too to make the service that I offer customers within Kingston Upon Thames and surrounding areas the safest that there is. As an active member of both the National Pest Technicians Association and Basis PROMPT, I have access to all the latest training initiatives and specialist courses.

With 20 years’ service in the military too, I can be relied upon to be responsive to all calls for pest control help. My work has been highlighted on the BBC documentary series, “Oxford Street”. I understand the distress that pests and vermin can cause which is why I offer the best in pest control – call me to be pest-free in KT1 and KT2 postcode areas today.