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Pests are a nuisance. They can also pose a serious risk to human health which is why, no matter what the pest or where it is, you need professional help to deal with it.

Why do pests become a problem?

Insects, birds, rodents and animals are around us all the time, providing a balance to the local and global ecosystem. However, they can swell in numbers and/or make their homes in or close to our homes and business, presenting serious issues.

  • Human habits – our habits can be attractive to some pests, such as refuse bins, compost bins and so on can make for attractive and abundant food sources for all kinds for pests from protein-loving flies to sugar-loving ants, scavenging seagulls and rats.
  • Weather – long, hot summers favour some insects but wet winter, with flooding force many animals and rodents from their river-bank habits. Thus, they seek refuge in garages and gardens etc.
  • Built environment – as towns and cities expand, the building of new homes, businesses and properties can cause some pests to become a nuisance, like moles living under sports pitches or rabbits living on industrial estates.
  • Increased travel – our ability to travel further and more easily has led to some pests hitching a lift on clothing and bags. This, say experts, is the reason why fleas and bedbugs are becoming a widespread problem.

How do West London Pest Control approach a pest issue?

As a qualified and professional pest control company, experience tells us that we need to do the following to get the right result every time;

  1. Options – once we have this information, we can suggest options in either eradicating or controlling the pest.
  2. Identify and assess the problem – before we act, we need to know what pests we are dealing with and how big a problem they are.
  3. Prevention – we also ensure that you are given the best in personalised prevention advice and, if necessary, we can continue with a long term pest control contract or install proofing measures if appropriate.

How do you know you can trust us to deal with pests effectively in and around Edgware HA8?

As qualified pest control technicians with Level 1 ‘Rodent & Insect Control’ awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health, Paul and the team can confidently deal with any pest, in any situation using a variety of methods and treatments.

West London Pest Control also has comprehensive cover in place with Public Liability Insurance.

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