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Insects, rodents, birds and animals are around us all the time, forming an important and essential part of the planet’s eco-system.

However, there are times when a combination of factors cause an imbalance in their populations, and along with our changing habits, they become a nuisance. When an insect, rodent, bird or animal decides to take refuge in or around our homes or businesses, the damage can be extensive. And they can also present a hazard to our health, such as the sting of a wasp or the bacterium spread by rats and mice.

Pest control solutions

There are several pest control solutions:

  • Ignore the problem and hopes it goes away – this is not a solutions as it rarely works. In fact, most infestations if left untreated, will simply get worse.
  • Try and deal with the problem yourself – this can be expensive, ineffective and a waste of time and effort. It may be that you also cause a bird or animal, even if it is a pest, unnecessary suffering, which can results in a fine or prosecution.
  • Call West London Pest Control – an affordable solution, but also one that offers the widest scope for success.

How West London Pest Control can help with pests in Northwood

We understand the local area

Pests are attracted to homes, businesses and public spaces for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, the local geography of an area makes it ‘easier’ for a pest to gain a foothold in the area. By understanding the local area, living and working in HA6 on a regular basis, we understand how this contributes to pest behaviour and the best eradication and control solutions to use.

We offer an affordable and responsive service

You need a fast response but you also need a response that if efficient and effective. This means assessing the situation fully before we act. This means identifying the pest, assessing the scale of the problem and presenting a range of affordable solutions to leave you pest-free or with pests under control as soon as possible.

We are qualified and highly skilled

Paul holds a comprehensive qualification Level 1 award, ‘Rodent & Insect Control’ from the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH). A comprehensive course, this qualification covers the safe eradication and control of rats and mice as well as a variety of insects like moths, flies, carpet beetles, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches and more.

We are only a phone call away

We offer a discreet and effective service. For a fast response and an onsite assessment, complete with comprehensive quotation today, call West London Pest Control.