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When does an insect, animal, bird or rodent become a pest?

As soon as they encroach on your living or working space, or become a nuisance or a hazard that means you can no longer go about your daily business with ease or safety.

Finding that you have an unwanted pest, irrespective of whether it is a tiny bug or a rodent, animal or bird,  it is uncomfortable and unpleasant. Some pests also present significant health hazards, such as rats, wasps, bees and cockroaches, thus you need to have the infestation brought under control immediately.

The only safe, effective means of doing this is with a professional pest controller. And with the services Paul and the team provide at West London Pest Control, any pest problems in HA1, HA2 and HA3 will be dealt with quickly, effectively and humanely.

Why do pests become a problem?

There are many reasons why pests become an issue;

  • Human habits – from not placing lids of rubbish bins, to composting food waste, clusters of people in places such as cities and towns etc. all contribute to both repelling and attracting animals and birds.
  • Increased travel – our ability to travel more and further has meant that some pests, like bedbugs and fleas, are able to hitch a lift on our clothing, bags and so on. This is possibly the most common way of introducing a pest into your home or business.
  • Built environment – as our population expands, we build more. Homes, business premises and roads are all hard structures that cause wildlife to look for new homes. Thus, they may find our homes and business premises the perfect place to stay safe and warm.
  • Weather – patterns of weather mean that some pests look for safer places to nest. For example, wet weather and flooding push pests out of their riverbank homes and push them into ours.
  • Imbalance – when there is an imbalance in the local ecosystem, some animals or insects can thrive at the expense of others. Thus, rabbits can over run land if there are not significant number of foxes and owls, their natural predators.

Professional pest control in Harrow with West London Pest Control

When you have a pest problem, you want quick, effective solutions and this is exactly what we provide;

  • Qualified technicians – Paul is qualified with the industry standard ‘Rodent & Insect Control’ award from the Royal Society of Public Health.
  • Trusted – full Public Liability Insurance, you have peace of mind that we offer a safe and trusted pest control service across Harrow.

For any pest problem, call West London Pest Control, a local and trusted pest control company.