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Birds, insects, animals and rodents are around us all the time. We enjoy seeing young rabbits scampering across a dew-laden field, we enjoy bird song in the morning, we marvel at how sweet looking a field mouse is and we enjoy the fleetingly glance of the urban fox.

Unless that is, the fox is rummaging through our bins at night, the field mouse is sharing the warmth of our home, seagulls swoop down on us to protect their young and the rabbits are gnawing their way through the allotment.

It is easy for birds, insects, animals and rodents to become pests. And when they do, you need fast, effective and humane pest control treatments and control methods.

The ONLY people that can provide these are qualified, professional pest controllers – and a call to West London Pest Control about any pest in HA0 and HA9 is the only one you will need to make.

The best pest control options with West London Pest Control

When you discover you are sharing your property, inside or out, with a pest, you will feel a range of emotions: you will feel uncomfortable, frightened or possibly embarrassed that your home or business is ‘infested’ with a nasty pest.

Like us, pests like a place to live and sleep, raise their young and so on, in an environment that is warm and safe – and our homes and businesses make the perfect nesting places. They want places that are clean, with an abundant food supply close by. Hence, there is no need to be embarrassed.

But you want the pest problem dealing with quickly, effectively and discreetly. At West London Pest Control, Paul and the team deal with pest control assignments of all kinds throughout HA0 and HA9 on a daily basis.

  • Qualified – holding the industry standard qualification ‘Rodent & Insect Control’ from the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH), we can deal with all kinds of pests, in all situations.
  • Specialist – some pests make their homes in the most inaccessible places but this is not a reason not to deal with it. Instead, you need a pest control company that can deal with the issue, using a variety of specialist resources, techniques and methods.
  • Experienced – working in a variety of situations, from domestic properties to local authority buildings, schools, clinics and more, you need to be confident that the pest control company has the ability to complete the task discreetly. The whole team understand the need for discretion, whilst working in a way that is safe and effective.
  • Safe – all treatments and methods used by the West London Pest Control are safe and humane. We are covered by a comprehensive Public Liability Insurance policy.

If you have a pest issue from the smallest bug to animals, rodents or birds in Ha0 or HA9 postcode areas, call us for a free onsite assessment today